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To acquire BOETEC products, we offer two convenient options. If you’re an end-user or consumer, we recommend contacting our authorized distributors in your country. They will provide you with information on availability, pricing, and purchasing options. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor yourself and joining our network of partners, please reach out to us directly at sales@boetec.hk. Our dedicated sales team will guide you through the process and provide the necessary information to get started.

You can download all our driver software for motherboards and graphics cards from this link: https://boetec.hk/driver/

Boetec motherboards with Wi-Fi have a range of approximately up to 15 meters in open spaces. This may vary depending on environmental conditions and interference.

The Boetec GT740 graphics card is capable of supporting high-end games that are compatible with technologies such as DDR5 and 128 bits. The specific performance will depend on the system configuration and the requirements of the particular game. It is important to refer to the recommended game requirements for an optimal experience.”

Yes, many Boetec monitors support HDR10 or Dolby Vision, providing enhanced color and contrast for a more immersive visual experience. Refer to the individual product specifications for HDR support details.

Boetec power supplies are designed with different power ratings to accommodate various system configurations. Refer to the product specifications to determine the power consumption and choose the appropriate power supply for your system’s requirements.

Yes, Boetec cooling solutions are designed to be compatible with a range of processor sockets, including popular ones such as Intel LGA and AMD AM4. Check the product specifications or contact our support team for compatibility information specific to your processor socket.

Each user defines the specifications of their graphics card, as we offer options ranging from 1GB to 6GB, 8GB, and 12GB for gaming users.

Yes, our graphics cards are updated to work with the monitors available on the market today

We have different available resolutions, and the highest resolution is 2K on the Optimus 2700 Monitor.

Yes, the Monitor Optimus 2700, Monitor Phalanx 2400, and Monitor Invoker 2400 models offer AMD FreeSync adaptive synchronization technology.

Yes, our monitors offer different panel types such as IPS, TN, and VA, depending on the model.

Yes, all of our monitors have adjustable stands and feature slots on the back for wall-mounting, providing flexibility to meet the user’s needs.

Yes, our monitors offer built-in color calibration functions and provide excellent color accuracy.

We offer different memory architectures, ranging from DDR2 to DDR5, with various speeds and capacities.

Yes, our memory modules are compatible with both Intel and AMD platforms.

Yes, as long as the memory modules have the same frequency, speed, and architecture, you can mix them with modules from other manufacturers.

Boetec offers power supplies with power ratings ranging from 350W to 700W.

Depending on the model, our power supplies may have either modular or non-modular cable designs.

Yes, all our Boetec 80 Plus power supplies have energy efficiency certification (CE), ensuring optimal performance and lower energy consumption.

Yes, our Boetec power supplies are designed with comprehensive safety features, such as overvoltage protection and short circuit protection. These features provide enhanced protection for your system and ensure reliable operation.

All our SATA SSDs offer read and write speeds of up to 600 MB/s, ensuring fast and efficient performance for data access and file transfer.

Yes, our Boetec storage solutions are compatible with both desktop and laptop systems. Whether you need an internal SSD for your desktop PC or an external SSD for your laptop, we have options available to meet your storage needs. Compatibility depends on the available connectivity on your device.